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Full Version: Playoffs yet again
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We won a game last year in the playoffs.  Beat the chiefs.  Then proceeded to take our normal butt kicking at the hands of the Patriots.  So what's up for this year?  
1st round bye is huge.  AB could be back for our first playoff game.  The offense seems to be doing ok.  Put up 39 points on a really good Baltimore defense.  And no one wants to play Baltimore in the playoffs!  Oh wait.....   Lol  

Now it's ON TO THE PLAYOFFS yet again!!!!!  Dominated the division this year.  I think we can play with anyone,  but that defense...........  I just don't know
I just hope AB is 100% We will need everyone to do well if our defense is going to let everyone score on big plays...
Could we see the Jags? Time will tell. Perhaps KC to Foxboro.

KC has beaten the Pats***.

The Jags have beaten the Steelers.

Could get interesting.
One thing Ive noticed. The Patriots have been on a roll (exception of the Dolphins game). I do see a chink in the armer. That bad game could come in the playoffs for the Pats. You never know.
The "likely" scenario, barring any upsets, will be Steelers/Jags and Pats/Chiefs.

It's also possible we could face either the Titans or the Chiefs if there is an upset. The only team from the Wildcard round we can't face in the Divisional round is Buffalo. If they win, they go to Foxborough because they're the 6th seed.
Yes, there's no guarantee of a Steelers - Pats*** AFCCG game. This could get interesting.
In almost every Pats loss - there's pressure on Brady
If not for a Jesse James "fobble" and the stupidest rule the NFL has ever come up with we had them beat. They will be a bit more healthy if we meet them again in the play-offs.

I see trap games for both the Steelers and Pats*** however. If KC goes to Foxboro that could be interesting. Likewise if we play the Jags again we need not to look past them. The Jags seem to match up well historically against us, however a Florida team playing in Pittsburgh in january bodes well for the Steelers.