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2002 Steelers 14 at Patriots 30 MNF - mcmillenandwife - 04-12-2018

2002 Steelers 14 at Patriots 30 MNF

A disgusting game. The Steelers come in hungry to avenge their 24-17 AFCC loss and get their @$$es handed to them. The Pats force 5 turnovers and Tom Brady unleashes an aerial assault, at one point throwing 25 consecutive passes while running the ball only 4 times in the 1st half. Nonetheless, the game is locked in a 7-7 tie for much of the 1st half. The turning point comes late in the 2nd quarter when Pittsburgh blows a 1st and goal from the 1 with a mind-boggling string of mistakes. First, a false start pushes the ball back to the 6. Stewart is then tackled for a 1-yd loss. Burress catches a pass in the back of the end zone but can't get both feet down and finally, Amos Zereoue is stopped a yard short of of the goal line on a 3rd-down screen. After the play, Zereoue gives Lawyer Milloy a shove and draws a personal foul making it 4th and goal from the 16, where the Steelers promptly commit another false start. You can guess what happens next: Todd Peterson's 39-yd FG attempt flutters wide left and any air that was left in the Steelers... escapes. The 2nd half is all Patriots as New England rolls to a 30-7 lead before Stewart, who suffers 3 INTs 5 sacks, adds a meaningless consolation TD with 4 seconds remaining. Thanks to Norman "Savage Brick" Hayward for generously providing us with this game. Video has significant audio sync issues.

RE: 2002 Steelers 14 at Patriots 30 MNF - Garrett Garlits - 09-17-2018

Be forewarned: the audio is at least two plays ahead of the video for the entire first half. I don't know if I'm going to bother with the second half, and I've watched almost every scrap of video on this site. It's just too distracting. I know this isn't your fault, Tim, but please get an upgrade of this one as soon as possible!

I watched the second half, and it was a bit better, but still about a play behind. There were a few long timeouts, which allowed the video to catch up a bit.

Also, after the game Melissa Stark interviewed Tom Brady.