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Ravens game predictions - Rollers - 11-01-2018

Huge game for the Steelers.  

Ravens 31
Steelers 17

RE: Ravens game predictions - Cali-Steeler - 11-01-2018

O.T. - Boswell in overtime. Steelers 23 Ratbirds 20

RE: Ravens game predictions - Chucktownsteeler - 11-02-2018

Ravens banged up and in disarray. Browns beat them a few weeks back. That being said a wounded animal is most dangerous.

However I like what I'm seeing in Fichner's (pronounced Fik' ner) offense and actually defense is healthy and showing signs of life.

Steelers 27

Rats  17

Dance Rockon Biggrin Cool02 Roll Wavehello

RE: Ravens game predictions - RaynorShyne - 11-02-2018

Huge game for the Steelers.

Ravens 17
Steelers 31

RE: Ravens game predictions - Garrett Garlits - 11-03-2018

A typical Baltimore bloodbath. Both offenses are held in check for the most part, but Conner still tops a hundred yards as the Steelers break through late in the game. Jackson finishes for the Ravens at quarterback as Flacco is knocked out of the game sometime in the second half.

Steelers 24, Ravens 17

RE: Ravens game predictions - Krunch - 11-03-2018

I know this is not the Ravens of old,,,but I still am fearful of how they so often win this game by plain old, superior hustle, drive and determination. Not to mention how Harbaugh so often has schooled Tomlin. Hope I'm wrong.

Steelers by 7

RE: Ravens game predictions - dbsfgyd1 - 11-04-2018

I think we give them the old college try, but come up short in the end. Ravens by 3, 20-17.

This is not a must win game. If it were, we’d win. Since it isn’t.....

Going to miss the game, flying to Madison, Wi. for work. Not flying back to Virginia until Friday. Looks like winter is hitting the upper Midwest just as I’m flying out of there.