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So we're at the haflway point... - bksteeler - 11-07-2018

Some thoughts.

Terrible first quarter of the year. 1-2-1.
Great second quarter of the year 4-0.

Looking up:
1. The O-Line
2. James Conner.
3. The defense.

Things that worry me.
1. Ben Roethlisberger's habit of throwing 2 or 3 balls a game that should be picked whether they are or aren't.
2. The secondary. Despite the defense playing much better, someone's gotta step up at that other cornerback position opposite Joe Haden. And we gotta hope like heck that Haden stays healthy, because if he ever goes down, look out. And having two wide open receivers in the flat after going in motion, one that should have gone for a touchdown, and another that would have picked up big yards if Flacco had been looking that way...if I'm the Panthers, I'm looking at that, putting people in motion and making that my first read for Newton.
3. Penalties. Still too many.
4. Chris Boswell. Just when I was hoping he got things back together, he misses yet another XP.
5. Leveon Bell. Do we really want him back at this point? I really worry about team chemistry if he comes back. Does he poison it somehow? Either by the friction that is still obviously there between he and the other guys. And then there's the question of if he will really play hard even if he does show up. If he keeps his head down and plays hard, he's welcome to come back. Otherwise, I'd rather he just stay away.

Prospects for a Super Bowl:

Not that hopeful. That said, I think in the last game, we see the recipe for any chance of the Steelers beating the big boys in KC, NE, NO, LA.

I seriously don't think we can win shootouts against these people. If we have games going into the high 30s and above, we lose that battle.

Our best shot is long, drawn out drives, converting third downs, no turnovers, and scoring touchdowns in the red zone. On defense, even if we let teams move against us, no big plays, and stop teams from scoring touchdowns in the redzone. We want to shorten the game and keep the other teams' offense off the field. The less they're on the field, the less chance of breakdowns in our secondary. And just possibly, with the other offense off the field for long periods of time, they lose some of their timing and rhythm. Plus we keep our pass rush fresh.

In short, when playing NE and the rest of the big boys, we want scores like 28-24, 31-21, or something similar. The other team scores 35-45 points, I don't think we have a chance.

RE: So we're at the haflway point... - Chucktownsteeler - 11-07-2018

I think the biggest improvement no one is talking about is the OC. Fitchner (pronounced Feek ner) is scoring TDs in the Red Zone and not settling for FGS. The improvement in the area is ridiculous. We went from 22 in red-zone efficiency with Haley's Vomit offence to 1 or 2 with Randy.

RE: So we're at the haflway point... - Krunch - 11-07-2018

The Secondary is the wildcard, as they go, so go the Super Bowl chances.  I am on pins and needles with this crew.  The Front Office IMO has F'Up royally in not recognizing and addressing this glaring weakness for too many seasons now.  They should of pedaled away Bell when they had a chance for either a proven veteran that could make an immediate impact or for the cash to go find somebody.  We all know the clock is ticking on Ben.  There is not enough time to draft and wait for rookies to, "maybe" develop.  I am still damn proud of last year earning the newly revised board's first official STFU from Tim  Cool02  for suggesting that the Steelers should have made a play for Richard Sherman  when he was grumbling about looking for a new home.  That is the type of ballsy move that will take us closer to being a real contender.  One proven guy, maybe with one or two season's left in the tank is an absolute gamble worth taking. 

My hope is that QB Pressure will remain strong and even improve helping take pressure off of the secondary.  Lord knows that will help.

RE: So we're at the haflway point... - Chucktownsteeler - 11-07-2018

I think a better pass rush from the front 7 would immediately help the secondary. Tuitt, Hayward, Williams, Watt, etc. have been pretty much non-existent so far from sacks and hurries. Butler's blitz's have been picked up for the most part. So far the front 7 has been the major disappointment for me.

RE: So we're at the haflway point... - Cali-Steeler - 11-07-2018

Offense is clicking now and can only get better... But The defense is still not that great. Its better but not enough to push for a Superbowl.  Patriots would still beat us. Chiefs would kill us.
A lot would have to happen for this team to get stronger defensively this year. But as always, I don't see Tomlin making too many adjustments. I see 3 or 4 potential losses towards the end of the season. 9-6-1 we would finish.
enough for a wild card? Not sure...

RE: So we're at the haflway point... - Chucktownsteeler - 11-07-2018

I don't think a WC will come out of the AFC North this year. We'll need to take the division or stay home.

RE: So we're at the haflway point... - Rollers - 11-07-2018

Burnett had a horrible game. Beaten 3 times and 2 penalties. He did nothing to help this team on defense. He looked completely lost. I have no idea what's going to happen thursday night. We got shredded by a good QB when we played KC. Flacco tore us apart first game at home. I have no trust in this defense. None. and our offense on our first possessions seems to be a horror show. I wish we could just once start hot on both sides of the ball. Just once. We beat a good QB in Ryan of the Falcons. Newton seems like he could really kill us with his legs. Once watt and dupree run way past oh him on the outside he's gone. I hope we do SOMETHING to hold the edge on D. We'll see. Brees could be a disaster for us.

RE: So we're at the haflway point... - RaynorShyne - 11-08-2018

1) Make the playoffs

2) after that - anything can happen

RE: So we're at the haflway point... - Chucktownsteeler - 11-09-2018

(11-08-2018, 11:47 AM)RaynorShyne Wrote: 1) Make the playoffs

2) after that - anything can happen

Yes, 1 game at a time.

Play-off winners are usually the team that is healthy and playing their best ball. That and the pats* are good at cheating.