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Roster changes - sandfan - 10-12-2019

Looks like Johnson and Elliott are waived.  Expected to be replaced by Edmunds and Lynch.  Lynch is obvious since the team needs another QB Sunday.  Same for Edmunds with depth needed, maybe, at RB.  Johnson looks like someone that could be an attractive addition long term.  Maybe he will make it back via the practice squad.

RE: Roster changes - bbbooger - 10-12-2019

Agree with the moves, under the circumstances. BUT: Here's hopin' we don't lose Johnson like we did Tuzar Skipper when Skipper was released and they tried to sneak him onto the practice squad... Ugh!

RE: Roster changes - dbsfgyd1 - 10-15-2019

I’d hate to lose Johnson too, good potential there. Just a little less cement in the shoes, and we could have Rambling Ramon’s replacement for the next 10 years.