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Is This Fake News? - Barney - 12-05-2019

Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Tomlin won't get Coach of the Year consideration. However, the job he has done getting the Steelers to 7-5 is nothing short of miracle worker stuff. This may be one of the best coaching jobs Tomlin has done, and that says a ton given his success in the Steel City. He knows what he has to work with and somehow finds a way to mold the team into one that wins games. Pittsburgh had best not lose this coach. Grade: B

RE: Is This Fake News? - dbsfgyd1 - 12-05-2019

I’ve been a Tomlin supporter since day one, until earlier this year. After all these years here on this board I finally succumbed to the rampant negativity of the majority of the posters that post here and jumped off the band wagon.

But here we are playing our 4th string QB, our 7th string rookie WR, a rookie 3rd string running back, a rookie WR, lost our 2nd best defensive lineman, starting offensive lineman sitting out 5 games, replacing a starting safety two game into the season, and we are still in the hunt for a playoff spot, not that we’re likely to go much further, but still remarkable to get that far all things considered.

I dunno, 8-8 with this cast of players is blatant evidence of an outstanding coaching job. Too bad most of you missed the other 11 seasons of some pretty good coaching that was going on right under your noses.

RE: Is This Fake News? - mcmillenandwife - 12-05-2019

Hard to argue with it. The fact that we've already won 7 games when my expectation for the entire season was 6 speaks volumes. I'll say it again, this team is held together with duct tape (or as someone aptly said, "Duck" tape) and we're currently sitting in the 6-seed. Long way to go, lots of football to play... but so far, he definitely has this team over-achieving in the midst of ridiculous adversity.  

Honestly, Tomlin deserves some Coach of the Year consideration if this team somehow makes the playoffs. I don't believe they will, but if they do... he would be my choice. 

He got me to take down the anti-Tomlin rhetoric from the main page a couple of weeks ago after he beat the Chargers, Dolphins, Colts and Rams. Four wins in a row and I have to keep a roster open in front of me so I know who the "skill players" on offense even are week-to-week.  

This team has won 6 out of 7 (!!!) and when you look at the teams that beat us, there are no slouches in there (save maybe Cleveland, who despite their record is a very talented team; Let's take a look at our losses:

New England (10-2) Final: Steelers 3, Pats, 33
Seattle (10-2) Final: Steelers 26, Seahawks 28
San Fran (10-2) Final: Steelers 20, 49ers 24
Baltimore (10-2) Final: Steelers 23, Ravens 26
Cleveland (5-7) Final: Steelers 7, Browns 21

So aside from the Cleveland loss, the only teams that have beaten us are the absolute best that the league has to offer. And with the exception of New England, we were IN every one of those games with a chance to win. 

Tomlin is doing this with 3rd string QBs, 3rd string RBs, 3rd string WRs, week in, week out. It's pretty flippin' impressive. Could the wheels fall off at any moment? Yes. But so far, they haven't. And I hope they don't. 

I'm kinda flashing back to 1989 a little. There is nothing I'd love more than to see this team make their way into the post season. The fact that the playoffs are still completely plausible after 13 weeks kinda blows my mind.

RE: Is This Fake News? - Barney - 12-06-2019

I do think it's amazing what Tomlin has been able to do with this team. I like Tomlin, heck I even like his sound bites that drive most people around her bonkers... however...I began to warm up to the idea of the Ham Samwhich...

RE: Is This Fake News? - mcmillenandwife - 12-06-2019

(12-06-2019, 12:54 PM)Barney Wrote: ... however...I began to warm up to the idea of the Ham Samwhich...


Man, I was thinkin' the other day... Ham Sammich, we hardly even knew ye.  Pi_bigsmile