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1988 Steelers 14 at Chargers 20 - mcmillenandwife - 01-05-2020

1988 Steelers 14 at Chargers 20

Mark Malone gets the win! Unfortunately, he does so while wearing a Chargers uniform. Gary Anderson also has a huge game! Unfortunately, it's Chargers RB Gary Anderson (rather than the Steelers kicker), who abuses Pittsburgh for 170 yds rushing. After falling behind 17-0, the Steelers fight back with a pair of 4th quarter TDs and seem poised for a fantastic comeback finish. But a questionable intentional grounding call against Brister, followed by an unsportsmanlike conduct call based on his reaction (Brister rips off his helmet and gets in the face of the official) seals Pittsburgh's fate. 

RE: 1988 Steelers 14 at Chargers 20 - Garrett Garlits - 04-01-2020

At halftime, scores and highlights from NFL Live, plus Frank Deford's whimsical idea for realignment. (For those of you who might want to skip the halftime show, he wanted the league to be realigned by playing surface. The Steelers would have been playing in what he called the Synthetic Conference, since Three Rivers Stadium had artificial turf.)

After the game, a brief recap by the NBC announcers (Jay Randolph and Reggie Rucker), than an edition of "The 5th Quarter", with scores, highlights, and interviews. We hear from Craig Wolfley, Rod Woodson, Warren Williams, Louis Lipps, and Hardy Nickerson. There's also a brief interview with Mark Malone, who came over from the Chargers locker room just to say hello to the people of Pittsburgh.