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1989 Steelers 0 vs Browns 51 - mcmillenandwife - 01-12-2020

1989 Steelers 0 vs Browns 51

A train wreck. An absolute nightmare. Without question, the worst game in Steelers history. Pittsburgh commits 8 turnovers in Bud Carson's head coaching debut -- 5 fumbles (including 3 by rookie 1st-round pick Tim Worley) and 3 Bubby Brister INTs. Six of these turnovers directly result in Cleveland scores, including 2 fumble returns for TDs and a pick 6. The Steelers manage just 53 yds of total offense: 36 yds rushing and 17 yds (!!!???) net passing. Brister completes just 10 of 22 passes for 84 yds, while losing 67 of those yds on 6 sacks. Adding to the ugliness, the teams are involved in a pair of fights late in the game, leading to 5 ejections, including Rod Woodson, Webster Slaughter and Michael Dean Perry (who kicks a Pittsburgh player after swinging him around by the face mask). If there's a silver lining to this absolute catastrophe, it's that the Steelers ultimately turn things around, beating the Browns 17-7 in the week 6 rematch and ultimately making an unlikely playoff run that sees them beat Glanville's Oilers and fall a last-minute Elway comeback short of reaching the AFC Championship game.