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Jets cut Leveon Bell - Rollers - 10-14-2020

Great decision he made there.

RE: Jets cut Leveon Bell - RaynorShyne - 10-14-2020

Oh, I've been laughing for a couple hours now.
How'd that work out Le'Veon?   McCanibus?  Wallace?   AB?    Hopefully, the young guys realize what Ike did a long time ago.  It's about "team" - It's about the Black-N-Gold.  It's not about "Imma Need".   Mr. Bell certainly has time for his budding rapper-career now.

The NFL has taken one hell of a hit this year.   Maybe the new generation can bring some of the 'old school' back.   I watched an interview with Claypool; the young man came off well-spoken and humble.   I have hope.