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1989 Steelers 31 at Bucs 22 - mcmillenandwife - 06-19-2017

1989 Steelers 31 at Bucs 22

This season finale is a particularly fascinating game in Steelers history for a number of reasons. After losing their first two games of the season by a combined score of 92-10 to division rivals Cleveland and Cincinnati, the fact that Pittsburgh is even mathematically alive for a playoff spot is a minor miracle. In addition to the Steelers needing a win in Tampa, they also need the Raiders to lose to the Giants, the Colts to lose to the Saints and the Bengals to lose to the Vikings to earn a playoff berth. Amazingly, all those things actually happen! While Bubby Brister completes only 7 passes and throws 2 Ints, player of the game Rod Woodson makes up for it with an All-World performance, returning the opening kickoff 72 yards to set up Pittsburgh's first score, tackling RB's in the backfield, breaking up TD's and intercepting passes. Merrill Hoge (18 att, 90 yds) puts up his best numbers of the regular season and Louis Lipps is spectacular (4 rec., 137 yds, 2 TD) as the Steelers clinch a playoff spot in perhaps the finest season of coaching in Chuck Noll's Hall of Fame career. 

RE: 1989 Steelers 31 at Bucs 22 - Guest - 06-21-2017

The best of Hoge was yet to come with his performances in the wildcard game win against Houston and the loss to the Broncos the following game.

very exciting playoff games IMO


RE: 1989 Steelers 31 at Bucs 22 - Guest - 06-23-2017

I knew someone that went to this game. As the sun moved across the stadium the crowd moved with the sun in order to stay warm.

Once again though, a disappointing finish for the Bucs. Geez. What were they thinking when they brought in Ray Perkins, anyhow ? That guy got into a fight with Ron Heller and almost ruined Testaverde's career.

Worst coach in Bucs history - and that is saying a LOT.

RE: 1989 Steelers 31 at Bucs 22 - Guest - 06-24-2017

Hoge was really underrated