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Vince Williams back... - Chucktownsteeler - 04-15-2021

I like this move, I think he signed a 1 year deal. The defense is not looking as bad as some thought. Williams seemed to me always to play hard to the whistle. 

Bush and Spillane back from injury, Tyson Alualu and now Williams back. Nelson booted, Highsmith showe promise. Hopefully Sutton pans out.

RE: Vince Williams back... - Chucktownsteeler - 04-16-2021

I just read that Joshua Dobbs has resigned with the Steelers as well. This is a very head-scratching deal as the Steelers now have (4) QBs on the roster, all with what amounts to 1-year deals. I have read where Ben wants to extend his career, maybe as much as 2 more years after the upcoming season.

I think with the upcoming draft it is incumbent on the Steelers to shore up the O-line and get an NFL grade running-back. I see a lot of mocks having the Steelers selecting Najee Harris (RB) at #24. I am split a little on this pick, but I have to say the last RB we had named Harris didn't do too bad.