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Sharpen your pitchforks... - SteelThePain82 - 06-28-2017

...and que outrage in 3....2....1..'s Gil Brandt ranks the top 32 wide receivers of all time

It's that time of year where not a whole lot is going on in the football world.
So there's a whole bunch of "ranking the top (insert topic here)" lists being made by anybody with a name tag and a position related to football.
The above link is sure to piss off any fans here who grew up watching the 70's teams.
As I have no such privilege to have experienced that era, I can simply take umbrage with Hines Ward's placement on this list and half of the other scrubs that were ranked ahead of him, Swann and Stallworth.

RE: Sharpen your pitchforks... - Desert Steel - 06-30-2017

Pretty pathetic.....

RE: Sharpen your pitchforks... - mcmillenandwife - 06-30-2017


Swann #31, Stallworth#30.. Drew Pearson #19????  Pi_shocked Pi_shocked Pi_shocked

Is this the same Drew Pearson who's first catch in Super Bowl XIII came with <6 minutes left in the game and the Cowboys trailing by 18 and who's only previous contribution to the game had been a fumble on a botched flea-flicker in the 1st quarter?  Laugh 

Gee, Gil... glad you didn't let you Dallas Cowboys homerism influence your list. Nerd  I realize Drew got away with an epic push-off in the Hail Mary game vs. Minnesota, but let's face it... he doesn't belong anywhere on this list, let alone ahead of Swann and Stallworth.

RE: Sharpen your pitchforks... - Crash - 07-01-2017

Brandt is a bitter old fool.