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The standard - sandfan - 06-17-2022

This guy is not wrong.  It used to be winning the super bowl.  Now is it not having a losing season?  I've never been a Tomlin backer.  I think he underperformed the talent on this team over his career.  Cowherd likes to stir the pot but, in this case, I think he has a point.

RE: The standard - dbsfgyd1 - 06-26-2022

What standard? There is no standard any more.

Further what does the Steeler brand mean? Call me crazy, capitulating the 1st half of games so the OC can try out his plays ( most of which suck) that lead to the second worst first half point production in the league. On the other side of the ball, the worst run defense in the history of the franchise. Is that the level to which the Steeler brand has lowered?

RE: The standard - RaynorShyne - 06-27-2022

It's not having a losing season. Period.

For the Noll "Standard" - Tomlin is .500;

Winning it all in 2008 with Cower's team, and getting his ass smoked in 2010 (BTW - that was six Brown's Head Coaches ago) is his record.

Plenty of blather - a collection of witticisms that will be forgotten the day he leaves.

The Steelers standard:

Noll - 4
Cower - 1
Tomlin - 1

In this Next-Gen-Stat incensed league, "not having a losing season" means something. In Pittsburgh, the land of 1-sided logo's and no cheerleaders - they didn't USED to. That's why Claypool running his mouth pisses me off. Hey, Chase - the ONLY stat that matters? 0 Let that sink in, Snapperhead. ZERO. That's how many Lombardi's hold your name. NONE.

You want stats?
Bradshaw - 4
Roethlisberger- 2
A. Rogers - 1 (provided by Tomlin)

RE: The standard - dbsfgyd1 - 06-27-2022

RE: Next Gen Stats

Some of us don't need numbers to know that a center can't make a cut off block, a running back that couldn't find the right crease
( what happened to holes?) if his life depended on it ( not talking about Najee here),  a linebacker that refuses to fill in his run fit, or a DE that folds like a tent when double teamed.

We don't need numbers to understand an offense that in the first half of games is the second worst at scoring in the first half. but is the fifth best in the second half, and  maybe the problem isn't the players on the field...

Numbers are one thing and can be a useful tool, but you actually have to watch the game with an educated eye to really understand what's going on down there. If you're just rooting for numbers, why bother? Take a class in statistics and have a blast.

RE: The standard - Rollers - 06-30-2022

Tomlin is as safe as a babe in it's momma's arms. He's here for as long as he wants to be. It's disgusting but that's the way it is. 3 playoff wins in what 10 years? That's the standard now. Can't wait to see how he does without Ben