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Super Bowl XXX Steelers 17 vs Cowboys 27 - mcmillenandwife - 07-13-2017

Super Bowl XXX Steelers 17 vs Cowboys 27

O'Donnell throws it away, earning MVP honors for Larry "I was just standing there and the ball came right to me" Brown. This is a Super Bowl that will be remembered more for O'Donnell's devastating, head-scratching picks than for any spectacular plays by the Cowboys. The Steelers are jittery early, and when Dallas jumps out to a 13-0 lead midway through the 2nd quarter after a Jay Novacek TD reception (on an illegal pick play, just sayin'), it looks like another Super Bowl blowout is in the making. But the Steelers keep fightingfight back and grab the momentum in the final seconds of the first half when O’Donnell connects with Yancey Thigpen on a quick TD slant in front of Deion Sanders. Disaster (INT #1) strikes in the 3rd quarter when Cowboy CB Larry Brown intercepts a HORRIBLE O’Donnell pass to no one and returns it 44 yards, setting up a 1-yard Emmitt Smith plunge that ups the Dallas lead to 20-7. Once again, the Steelers battle back and early in the 4th quarter, Norm Johnson boots a field goal to narrow the score to 20-10. On one of the gutsiest coaching calls in Super Bowl history, the Steelers perfectly execute a surprise onside kick (recovered in stride by Deion Figures) which ultimately leads to a Bam Morris TD to bring the Steelers to within 3 points of the shell shocked and suddenly glassy-eyed Cowboys. With momentum filling their sails, the Steelers are driving for the winning score late in the 4th quarter when O’Donnell misfires again. Larry Brown records his 2nd interception of an O'Donnell pass seemingly to him an no one else, returning it 33 yards to the Pittsburgh 6-yard line. Emmitt Smith scores on a 2-yard TD plunge 2 plays later to seal the Cowboy win. Includes some pre-game and post-game footage. 

RE: Super Bowl XXX Steelers 17 vs Cowboys 27 - Garrett Garlits - 09-27-2017

The pregame stuff starts with an excellent piece by ESPN's Mike Tirico on the Steelers-Cowboys Super Bowl rivalry. Two things stand out:

1) In an interview, Tony Dorsett says that he went up to Art Rooney at a sports banquet (probably the Dapper Dan, though the name isn't given) and said that he wanted to be drafted by the Steelers. Nice thought, but both Franco and Rocky had rushed for a thousand yards in '76. Where would he have played? Do you sit Rocky down after he'd been such a dependable blocker and worked so hard to overcome his Vietnam injuries? Or do you do the unthinkable and try to trade Franco in his prime after he'd carried you on his back to two Super Bowls? Fortunately, the Steelers opted for neither of the above, and Tony went to a team that used him to perfection.

2) Several Cowboys talk about how the Steelers were jealous of their "America's Team" tag. Did you know that the Steelers were offered that title? NFL Films were the ones who bestowed it in the late seventies, and they wanted the Steelers to have it. A few people in the organization wanted to take it, but Dan Rooney said no, insisting that the Steelers were Pittsburgh's team and proud to leave it at that. The Cowboys were Ed Sabol's next choice, and they grabbed it.

RE: Super Bowl XXX Steelers 17 vs Cowboys 27 - Garrett Garlits - 09-28-2017

The NBC pregame show continues with a profile of Bill Cowher. Kaye and the girls are also briefly interviewed. Then we get the kickoff show, with all the hype and ceremony you've come to expect.

One thing I miss about Super Bowls: Individual player introductions. I appreciate the trend that Belichick and the Patriots started, coming out together for team unity, but this was the one time a year that people other than the offensive skill players got some face time and recognition. I don't look for things to change any time soon, though, since the Pats have won five Super Bowls doing things their way.

RE: Super Bowl XXX Steelers 17 vs Cowboys 27 - ECboy - 02-26-2018

Greg Lloyd and the rest of the Steeler defense really got pushed around by the Cowboys O-Line in the first half of that game.
They settled in the 2nd half and played better but they were really gettin worked there.

RE: Super Bowl XXX Steelers 17 vs Cowboys 27 - Luther - 08-18-2018

I told everybody that I thought that the Cowboys were just one player better than the Steelers!!!! It was QB! They had the Cowboys on the ropes and another int to Brown!