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1979 Steelers 30 at Chiefs 3 - mcmillenandwife - 04-19-2017

1979 Steelers 30 at Chiefs 3

Total domination. The Steel Curtain is definitely on their game and absolutely chokes the life out of Kansas City's offense, allowing only 127 total yds (65 rushing and 62 passing) & giving rookie QB Steve Fuller a brutal pounding with 5 sacks. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh's offense is nearly unstoppable, racking up a 20-0 halftime lead on the strength of Bradshaw TD passes to Swann (who makes an eye-popping "how'd he get both feet down" TD catch in the back of the end zone) & Stallworth (on a razzle-dazzle flea-flicker). Bradshaw, despite playing with severe back spasms, finishes an impressive 17 of 29 for 232 yds and 3 TDs, and the final score marks the 4th straight game the Steel Curtain holds their opponent to 7 points or less. Footage includes an interesting Spalding shoe commercial featuring Terry running through the woods with a dog and a full head of hair, a pregame interview on a local Pittsburgh talk show with a stylin' John Stallworth and a short postgame segment focused on the incredible depth of the '79 Steelers team. 

RE: 1979 Steelers 30 at Chiefs 3 - Guest - 04-28-2017

This was total domination. And KC was semi-decent. 7-9, but trapped in an insanely competitive AFC West. And they had some decent wins: 4-0 against the Raiders/Seahawks (one of those wins came a week after this game, and the week before this they gave the Chargers a good tough game in a close loss at Arrowhead.

RE: 1979 Steelers 30 at Chiefs 3 - mcmillenandwife - 04-28-2017

(04-28-2017, 03:13 PM)Guest Wrote: And KC was semi-decent. 7-9...

Yes, the Chiefs played pretty solid ball under Marv Levy. This game was a bad showing for KC, obviously, but firing Levy after the strike season was one of the biggest blunders in Chiefs history IMO.

RE: 1979 Steelers 30 at Chiefs 3 - Vaughn_Doofus - 07-15-2018

It was just business as usual for those steelers. We got a game; let's kick their @$$. When the final seconds ticked off, everybody was glad, including the losing team.

And what was up with the field goal unit? They were actually making the kicks. One of the only weaknesses of those 70s Steelers was the inability to make field goals, but not this day.

RE: 1979 Steelers 30 at Chiefs 3 - Crash - 07-15-2018

Gerela was never the same after a 1976 injury and in 1979 Bahr was erratic but made the big kicks when he needed to.