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1979 Steelers 37 vs Bengals 17 - mcmillenandwife - 04-24-2017

1979 Steelers 37 vs Bengals 17

Sweet revenge! Lynn Swann opens the game with an uncharacteristic drop of a short pass... and then proceeds to eviscerate the Cinci secondary with 5 catches for nearly 200 yards. Swannie sets a career high for receiving yards, scores a pair of TD's and sets up another score as he runs seemingly unopposed through a Bengal secondary that inexplicably tries to cover the Hall of Famer one-on-one, averaging over 35 yards a catch en route to an easy Pittsburgh victory. The Steelers, clearly intent on extracting some serious revenge for Cinci's shocking 34-10 upset earlier in the season, just pour it on offensively, clinching their 8th straight playoff berth in the process. Bradshaw connects on 17 of 29 for 339 yards and 2 TDs and literally bombs Cinci into submission, spotting single coverage and audibling to long passes of 58, 45, 34 and 42 yds, leading to 28 points -- two went for touchdowns and the other two set up touchdowns. Franco Harris (20 carries for 92 yds) and Rocky Bleier (11 carries for 60 yds) each add rushing TDs as the Steelers pile up nearly 500 yds of offense. Franco Harris runs especially aggressively in this game, plowing through would-be tacklers rather than heading out of bounds in more typical Franco fashion. Offensively, the Bengals are more than respectable as Ken Anderson completes 20 of 36 passes for 258 yds and a pair of TDs to wide receiver Issac Curtis. But Anderson is also sacked 4 times (twice by Joe Greene and twice by Steve Furness) because, unlike the Cinci defense, the Steeler defense actually showed up for the game. Thanks, Dani Marsh, for the slightly upgraded version of this game! The enhancements are subtle, but they definitely make it an easier watch.

RE: 1979 Steelers 37 vs Bengals 17 - Bobcat29 - 08-13-2017

The Lynn Swan game.

RE: 1979 Steelers 37 vs Bengals 17 - mcmillenandwife - 08-13-2017

(08-13-2017, 12:21 AM)Bobcat29 Wrote: The Lynn Swan game.

Indeed. I read an article somewhere where Terry said he was intentionally feeding Swann in this game. Lynn had a very difficult '79 season and fought injuries all year long, in particular a hamstring issue which plagued him all year and hampered his speed. Bradshaw said Swann was already frustrated coming into this game, even more so after he uncharacteristically dropped the first pass Terry threw to him. So Bradshaw decided to just kept sending Swann deep and forcing the ball to him. I'd say it worked pretty well.  Laugh

RE: 1979 Steelers 37 vs Bengals 17 - Guest - 08-28-2017

This is the coolest channel ever! Wish there was one for the buccos too

RE: 1979 Steelers 37 vs Bengals 17 - Crash - 08-31-2017

We can do Penguins if Tim eventually wants too. I have every game of the Crosby Era five feet from me.

RE: 1979 Steelers 37 vs Bengals 17 - Garrett Garlits - 08-31-2017

I'd like to see a Penguins channel if you guys can work it out without getting in trouble. I'd watch a Pirates channel too, but with the way they've stunk since videotape became common, you'll have a hard time getting content people want to see beyond the two World Series wins (1971, 1979) that are available, plus the '79 NLCS. I'm weird in that I'll even watch bad losses just to see my favorite teams, but there aren't too many others like me out there.

RE: 1979 Steelers 37 vs Bengals 17 - Rollers - 06-22-2020

SWANN on screen pass!!!!! LOL

RE: 1979 Steelers 37 vs Bengals 17 - mcmillenandwife - 06-22-2020

(06-22-2020, 05:02 AM)Rollers Wrote: SWANN on screen pass!!!!!  LOL

I know, right? Swann was pretty flippin' DEADLY on the flanker screen throughout his career. I was a relatively common play to him. 

You might recall, Bradshaw ran that same play twice against Dallas in Super Bowl XIII, hitting Swann for a 29-yard gain on the scoring drive before the half and again for a short 4-yard gain just prior to Franco's TD run (Cliff Harris piles on with a cheap shot and tries to bend Swann backwards on that play). 

Funny thing, the Steelers played Dallas during the preseason in 1978, and they ran that same flanker screen. Swann gained 35 yards to the Cowboy 1-yard line. You would think after seeing it in the preseason, Dallas would've been better prepared for it in the Super Bowl, but Swannie burned 'em again.

RE: 1979 Steelers 37 vs Bengals 17 - aqua -park - 11-15-2021

Very lucky Bradshaw was not lost for season with wrist injury!