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Game day check-in - Chucktownsteeler - 10-09-2017

Checking in, Steelers vs Jags. I won't be watching the game, weather is too nice. Will be spending good quality family time. 

I will tape it for later tonight. 

No predictions, but we've all seen this movie before. 

Jags defense is real. 

Go Steelers. 


Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll

RE: Game day check-in - mcmillenandwife - 10-09-2017

Mac & Wife checking in from Michigan. Great weather here as well... but we will be watching the game today

GO, STEELERS!!!  Pi_sharpteeth

RE: Game day check-in - RaynorShyne - 10-09-2017

I capitulated and turned to CBS mid-game and tuned in just in time to see Ben throw an absolutely beautiful spiral to a wide open Tashaun Gipson. Hit him right in the numbers.