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Kaepernick - RaynorShyne - 11-07-2017

Am I missing something?

"Rudderless Texans Need Colin Kaepernick, or Risk Sinking Potential Super Season"

What's the fascination with this guy?  The idea that ANY QB who last had a quality season FOUR YEARS AGO can come in, grab a team and magically lead them to a Superbowl isn't just a radical jump in silliness, it's simply ludicrous.  

Where's the outcry and lawsuits for RG III?   Shawn Hill <who has a *much* better completion rate than CK>, Christian Ponder, or Johnny "Football" Manziel?  

He's a dink and dunk, running QB.  They're a dime a dozen.   

I'm really trying here, but.....

RE: Kaepernick - dbsfgyd1 - 11-08-2017

I don’t get much about league affairs other than it’s all about public relations and between you and me, Kaepernick’s hire would exactly burnish said relations. Besides, we’ve seen the drop off on Bryant after one year. Your point of what can you expect from somebody 4 years removed from the game is well taken.