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Golson - Rollers - 11-19-2017

Ok i get it.  the dude was always injured.  He's on the Bucs practice squad which I'm assuming means he's healthy  with the injuries we have right now could we sign him off that practice squad?  I've always thought he could play.  What  would it cost us to sign him?  He knows our defense.

RE: Golson - Crash - 11-20-2017

He can choose to stay in Tampa.

Before they had no choice when on the practice squad.

RE: Golson - dbsfgyd1 - 11-20-2017

From what I gather, we are short on safeties, corners we got.

RE: Golson - Chucktownsteeler - 11-21-2017

No thanks. I like what I see in Mike Hilton.