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$100 million blackmail - sandfan - 12-03-2017

Somehow the nfl thinks caving in with bribes or blackmail will alter the public's opinion of the social justice idiocy that is running through the league.  I've not watched any games but have read attendance is down throughout the league (matters little except for concession sales since season tickets rule the day for the bigger teams) and tv viewership is not any better.  Have not seen a stream of articles demonstrating how the "protest" has impacted smaller businesses but I doubt it's been positive.

Rewarding bad behavior (my opinion re the behavior and maybe not aligned with all) never worked when I was raising our son or running a division.  Tough love seemed to be a more effective path with our son.  Rational thought worked best with subordinates.  

I believe these misguided fools needed a good kick in the rear rather than cash.  I was saddened to see the blackmail approach used instead.  I feel the owners will regret giving in to blackmail.  It's never a good response to any issue.