1998 Steelers 30 vs Jaguars 15

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1998 Steelers 30 vs Jaguars 15

CB Dewayne Washington returns a pair of interceptions for scores, including a 72-yarder with 34 seconds left, to help Steelers defeat the division-leading Jaguars in a crucial game. Washington intercepts a Brunell pass in 1st quarter and returns it 52 yards to open the scoring, and the Steelers never look back. Kordell is again excellent, completing 25 of 36 passes for 208 yards and a TD (and no ints for the 3rd straight week). Features a crucial leaping one-handed catch by Charles Johnson. Features some postgame footage. 
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Before the game, a brief preview from The NFL Today with announcers Kevin Harlan and Sam Wyche.

After the game, highlights and analysis from both SportsCenter and NFL Primetime, with comments from Bill Cowher and Dewayne Washington. Also at the very end, a brief clip of a SportsCentury program featuring pioneering tennis star Bill Tilden.

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