2001 Steelers 21 vs Vikings 16

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2001 Steelers 21 vs Vikings 16

The Steelers dominate for 3 quarters, jumping out to a 21-3 in large part due to the efforts of unexpected hero Troy Edwards, who scores on a 12-yd end around to put Pittsburgh up 14-3, then forces a fumble on the ensuing kickoff leading to another Steelers TD. Bettis is unstoppable until a hip injury sidelines him late in the 3rd quarter and without Bettis, the Steelers offense goes lifeless, picking up only 1 first down during the entire 4th quarter. Meanwhile, Minnesota's offense suddenly comes alive as the Steeler defense gives up more yardage in the final 8 minutes than they had in the previous 52 minutes. Michael Bennett scores an easy 80-yd TD on a screen catch-and-run, the Steelers go 3-and-out, and Randy Moss covers 74-yds in 2 catches - a 62-yard bomb and a 12-yd fade for the TD -- both over Chad Scott. On the ensuing drive, Stewart is sacked and coughs up the ball to Minnesota at the Steelers 10 yd line, but the Steelers avert disaster as the Vikings fail to convert and turn the ball over on downs. Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala then picks up Pittsburgh's only 1st down of the 4th quarter, a 46-yd burst on 3rd and 10 to seal the game.

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