1980 Steelers 31 vs Cowboys 10 Preseason

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1980 Steelers 31 vs Cowboys 10 Preseason

After trading field goals for a 3-3 halftime standoff, Bradshaw gets hot in the second half and hits 5 passes for 76 yds on a 96-yd scoring drive capped by a Russell Davis 5-yd TD run. Mike Wagner intercepts a Danny White pass and returns it 25 yds and Bradshaw hits Randy Grossman for a TD on the very next play. Cliff Stoudt leads the Steelers to 2 more TDs in the 4th quarter, a 6-yd TD pass to Stallworth for and a 4-yd Sidney Thornton run. Dallas finally strikes for a TD in the closing 80 seconds of the game on a 42-yd TD pass to Billy Joe DuPree. Both the defending NFL champion Steelers and the Cowboys finish the exhibition with 3-1 records. A huge thank you to Jay Korber for generously providing us with this game! 
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Unfortunately, this version is missing most of the second half. What's here is of excellent quality, though. Plus, the commercials are a real hoot!

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