1981 Steelers 10 vs Bengals 17

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1981 Steelers 10 vs Bengals 17

The Bengals lead 17-3 and are marching for another score when Jack Lambert intercepts Ken Anderson at the Steeler 17 and returns it to the 30. Mark Malone, despite struggling in his first pro start with Bradshaw's season over due to a broken hand, suddenly comes to life and moves the Steelers 70 yards in 9 plays, completing a 2-yd TD to Harris to narrow the score to 17-10 with 2:52 to play. The Steel Curtain forces a Bengals punt 53 seconds later and Malone coolly moves Pittsburgh to the Bengals 33 in just 3 plays. But the Steelers get no closer as Malone throws 4 straight incompletions and turns it over on downs. A huge thank you to Jay Korber for generously providing us with this game! 
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Lots of postgame material: scores and highlights from the Budweiser NFL Report, an NBC News Special Report on the tension going on in Poland at the time, plus 5th Quarter interviews with Mark Malone, Craig Colquitt, and (briefly) Tim's favorite kicker, Dave Trout.

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