1977 Steelers 28 at Browns 14

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1977 Steelers 28 at Browns 14

A real grind-it-out game from start to finish featuring HARD running by Franco and Rocky. Swann also shines, snagging 7 catches (including 2 of Bradshaw's 3 TD tosses) and displays remarkable speed on a great 30-yd punt return to set up Pittsburgh's opening score (Swannie's first TD catch of the day). The punt return is also notable because footage of Swann on special teams is fairly rare. A tipped Bradshaw pass results in an INT that puts Cleveland ahead 14-7 in the 2nd quarter. But on the ensuing drive, another tipped Bradshaw pass, this one on a bomb to Frank Lewis, bounces off rookie CB Oliver Davis before Lewis reels it in and trots into the end zone to tie the game on a 65-yd TD. Early in the 3rd, a muffed punt by Cleveland in their own red zone leads to Lynn Swann TD catch and the Steelers never look back. This game is also quite interesting because along with great play from names like Ham & Blount come outstanding performances from lesser known players like Loren Toews, Jim Allen, and Reggie Harrison. Perhaps most striking is how HARD Pittsburgh's reserves (who see considerable action late in the contest) play when they're given the opportunity. Some edited huddles, but very watchable. 

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