2003 Steelers 34 vs Ravens 15

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2003 Steelers 34 vs Ravens 15

Plaxico Burress dominates cornerback Chris McAlister for 6 catches and 116 yds and delivers the game’s biggest play on a 47-yd bomb from Tommy Maddox to the Ravens’ 8. Two plays later, Maddox hits Ward (9 catches, 91 yds and 2 TDs) for a 4-yd TD that makes it 13-0 at halftime. Pittsburgh terrorizes rookie QB Kyle Boller in his first start and builds a 27-0 lead on 3 straight Maddox TD passes before the Ravens finally score on Jamal Lewis's run late in the third quarter. For the game, Maddox completes 21 of 29 for 260 yds and 3 TDs against Baltimore's shell-shocked secondary. 

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