1986 Steelers 10 at Bears 13 OT

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1986 Steelers 10 at Bears 13 OT

The Bears squeak out an ugly win in OT on a 42-yd FG by Kevin Butler (who redeems himself for a missed 28-yd FG with 50-seconds left in regulation) in a mistake-filled game with QB play by Malone and Tomczak that sets the position back decades. Chicago forces turnovers on Pittsburgh's first 2 drives but converts them into only 3 points. After driving to the Steeler 7, Walter Payton coughs up the ball and the Steelers recover in the end zone. Even Pittsburgh's lone TD is the result of a mistake after a bad snap on a FG attempt results into a fluke 12-yd TD pass by holder Harry Newsome over Richard Dent. But a 4th quarter INT by Mike Singletary turns into a 96-yd drive for Chicago, capped by a 3-yd TD run by Payton, sending the game to OT. Includes commercials and halftime show including a Bob Costas interview with Max McGee and Fred "The Hammer" Williamson. A special thanks to Matthew Simon for generously providing us with this game! 
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I think Lipps was KO'd in this game by Otis Wilson or Wilbur Marshall.

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