1979 AFC Playoffs Oilers 17 at Chargers 14

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1979 AFC Playoffs Oilers 17 at Chargers 14

If you've ever rooted for the underdog, you've GOT to love the Oilers in this game. With their offense crippled by the absence of Earl Campbell and Dan Pastorini, the tenacious Houston defense simply refuses to give up, upsetting the overconfident and heavily favored Chargers on their home turf. Strong performances come from multiple players usually relegated to supporting roles (Gifford Nielson, Rob Carpenter, Boobie Clark, Mike Renfro), but the key player of the game is without question Houston safety Vernon Perry who has a game for the ages. Perry not only sets a post season record by intercepting Dan Fouts 4 times, he also blocks a FG and leads the team in tackles. 

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