1983 Steelers 24 at Bengals 14 MNF

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1983 Steelers 24 at Bengals 14 MNF

Pittsburgh's defense proves to be their best offense, scoring 3 defensive TDs to earn the Steelers their first victory in Cinci since 1978. Safety Rick Woods starts the scoring with a 38-yd TD romp after a 1st-quarter fumble recovery, while Ron Johnson and Harvey Clayton return a pair of INTs for 4th-quarter TDs. Johnson's 34-yd return of a Turk Schonert pass gives Pittsburgh a 17-14 lead with 11 minutes left, and Clayton races 70 yards with another errant Schonert throw with just 1:20 left to seal the win. The Bengals have a chance to tie after Johnson's INT return, but Jim Breech's 47-yd FG attempt hits the upright with 3:40 to play. While the Steelers only muster 168 yds of offense, Pittsburgh's pass rush is unstoppable, sacking Cinci QBs a club-record 9 times (including the final sack of Gabe Rivera's brief career) for 77 yards. Jack Lambert also adds a sack and an INT. Backup Schonert comes in after Ken Anderson suffers a sprained neck early in the game on a facemask tackle by Keith Gary. A huge shout out to Jay Korber for generously providing us with this game! 
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At halftime, highlights from the previous day's games, plus Howard Cosell, who's in Baltimore for the World Series, interviews the starting pitchers for Game 1 the following night: John Denny of the Phillies and Scott McGregor of the Orioles.

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