1983 Steelers 44 vs Browns 17

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1983 Steelers 44 vs Browns 17

Watching games like this really make you wonder... could the Steelers have won their 5th Super Bowl in '83 had Bradshaw not had botched elbow surgery in the off-season? The Steeler defense scores 2 TDs and sets up 20 more with turnovers, forcing Brian Sipe into 6 INTs (including a pick 6 by Mike Merriweather) and scoring on a 94-yd fumble return as the Three Rivers Jinx extends to 14 years. Some facts for stat-nerds: In a span of 17 quarters, the defense has forced 17 turnovers and scored 6 TDs, 5 in the last 2 games. Against Cinci and Cleveland, the defense returned 12 turnovers for 372 yards, 33 more than the running game produced in 3 weeks. So dominant is the Steeler defense in this game that Pittsburgh has a 17-0 lead just 6 minutes in, during which time the Steelers offense generates only 8 yards. Sadly, this is the final game of young Gabe Rivera's career. Kudos to Jay Korber for providing us with this game! 
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Unfortunately, this game cuts off just before the final touchdown.

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