Thank You Jay Korber
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02-21-2018, 05:29 AM

Just want to give a quick thanks to Jay Korber for providing all of the 1983 games on here. That was my first season as a Steeler fan when I was a kid, so that particular season means a lot to me as a fan. Even the awful games like the Thanksgiving Day game still bring back some fond memories in terms of the memories I have surrounding those games watching them with family members that are no longer here. Thanks again and I appreciate anything else you can provide.

PS. Also want to thank others that have provided game footage for that season. I just skimmed through the games some more and just realized there are others as well that contributed. Thanks to all of you for the time and effort you made providing these games.
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02-21-2018, 06:32 AM

Yes, Jay has been going bananas filling in gaps for us! We have quite a few contributors who have helped (and continue to help) immensely with the video content on the site and their contributions are GREATLY appreciated! In case you missed it, here's the current list of contributors (in alphabetical order) from the MP4 page:

Most of the games on this site come from my personal collection, but an ever-growing number of upgrades and additions as well as historical content and peripheral info have been generously contributed by fellow fans. A gold star thank you goes out to the following "Mac & Wife" contributors:

    • Gary Beach
    • Dave Billingsley
    • Seth Campbell
    • J.J. Cooper
    • Russell "SteelBuck 6" Emch
    • Paul Evereklian
    • Keith "Crash" Froehlich
    • Garrett Garlits
    • Norman “Savage Brick” Hayward
    • Scott Jennings
    • Jay Korber
    • Sean "thespiritof1976" Lockyer
    • "Frankie Sacco"
    • Matthew Simon
    • Paul Wood

If you're able to fill in any missing pieces of our collection or upgrade games to better video quality, please drop us a line

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