1993 Steelers 13 at Broncos 37

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04-02-2018, 01:49 PM

1993 Steelers 13 at Broncos 37

Leroy Thompson and Merril Hoge prove they are no Barry Foster in relief of the injured star RB, while John Elway has his way with the Steelers' #1-ranked defense, hitting 18 of 25 for 276 yds and a TD as the Broncos rout the Steelers. Elway throws for more yds in the 1st half (230) than the Steelers had been giving up in total yards per game (225) as Denver jumps out to a 20-0 halftime lead and never looks back. Missing 2nd half of 2nd quarter and beginning of 3rd quarter. A big shout out to Jay Korber for generously providing us with this missing game! 
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After the game, the end of NFL Primetime, as Chris Berman, Robin Roberts, and Tom Jackson select their "Primetime Players" for the week.

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