1989 Steelers 0 vs Bears 20

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04-04-2018, 09:00 PM

1989 Steelers 0 vs Bears 20

The Bears turn 6 Pittsburgh turnovers into 17 points in an ugly one. Brister has a miserable day with 4 sacks, a fumble and 3 bad interceptions, one coming on his very first pass of the game and another stopping a Steeler drive at the Bears 5-yd line as the Steelers suffer their 3rd shoutout of the year. Louis Lipps is one of the few bright spots for Pittsburgh, catching 4 passes for 112 yds. 
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With this being a CBS game, although it was a clunker, I was wondering if the complete game with the "Pots & Pans" introduction could be added to it. That CBS theme song got me so pumped to watch football back in the '80's it's unbelievable. I really wish CBS would bring it back because it not only pumps you up for football, it gives the announcers an opportunity to show off their talents with the style of introduction. Of course, nobody could do it any better than Pat Summerall. But it still is the best CBS theme ever in my opinion.

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