1989 Steelers 23 at Lions 3

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1989 Steelers 23 at Lions 3

Despite being sacked 7 times, Bubby Brister completes a team-record 15 straight passes, finishing 21 of 27 for 267 yds including a 48-yd TD to Louis Lipps. Meanwhile, the Steeler defense records 3 sacks, 2 INTs and 2 fumble recoveries while holding Barry Sanders to just 1 yd on 5 attempts and spoiling Rodney Peete's NFL debut at QB. The Lions are in position to take a 10-0 lead late in the first half after a pass interference call gives them a 1st and goal at the Steeler 1-yd line. But Hardy Nickerson forces a Barry Sanders fumble, Carnell Lake recovers at the 2, and Brister promptly drives the Steelers 98 yds for a TD, hitting 5-of-5 on the drive including 3 passes to Lipps for 79 yds. Lots of channel flipping to other games in this recording, but most of the action is there. A special thanks to Matthew Simon for generously providing us with this game. 

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