1984 Steelers 31 at Browns 14 Preseason

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1984 Steelers 31 at Browns 14 Preseason

The times are clearly a-changin' in Pittsburgh. With Bradshaw heading into retirement and soon-to-be-released Franco Harris stil holding out, the Steelers head into camp with 3 untested QBs and 6 rookie RBs. Instead of Bradshaw, it's Woodley, Malone and Campbell under center. Instead of Franco, no-names like Veals, Erenberg, Gillespie, Spencer, Corley and Keith Cathion gain the Steelers' 149 rushing yds against a Browns team wearing special jerseys with orange numbers for the first and only time (due to fan backlash). A huge Mac & Wife thanks to Jay Korber for generously providing this game!
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After the game, we see the first few seconds of Rocky Bleier's interview with David Woodley.

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