1980 Steelers 22 vs Packers 20

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1980 Steelers 22 vs Packers 20

Bradshaw vs. Bart Starr! Well, sort of. Smile Starr is head coach of the Packers. Green Bay's horrible long snapper proves to be the difference in an ugly, ugly game. One snap sails over the punter's head & out of the endzone for a safety, and another high snap sets up a Steeler TD from the Packer 24. This game may very well showcase the worst first half of football I've ever seen, on both teams... I'm telling you, it's laughable. The injury-depleted Steeler offense continues to sputter after halftime, but largely due to the efforts of Rocky Bleier, Pittsburgh is able to control the ball for most of the 2nd half and manages to escape with a win. 

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