1984 Steelers 24 at Saints 27 MNF

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1984 Steelers 24 at Saints 27 MNF

The Steelers jump out to a 14-3 first half lead thanks to a 76-yd punt return by Louis Lipps. But Richard Todd throws a pair of TD passes to lead the comeback and snap the Saints' 0-7 jinx on Monday Night Football. The fatal blow is struck by former Steeler LB Dirt Winston, who returns a Malone INT 47 yds for a TD in the 4th quarter to put the Saints up 27-17. Scott Campbell comes in for injured Malone and hits Lipps for a 25-yd TD, but it's too little, too late. Despite the loss, Pittsburgh (6-6) still holds a 2-game lead over Cinci in the weak AFC Central. A special thanks to Jay Korber for generously providing us with this game!

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