1984 AFC Championship Steelers 28 at Dolphins 45

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1984 AFC Championship Steelers 28 at Dolphins 45

The Cinderella Steelers pile up 455 yds of offense and hang tough early, taking a 14-10 late in the 2nd quarter following a stunning 65-yd TD bomb to Stallworth. But the Marino-led Dolphins prove to be too much, amassing a whopping 569 yds of offense and racking up 45 points. Not surprisingly, Dan Marino plays a phenomenal game, hitting 21 of 32 for an AFC Championship record 421 yds and 4 TDs. Malone also puts up big numbers -- hitting 20 of 26 for 312 yds and 3 TDs -- but also throws 3 crucial INTs. The aerial output in this game is ridiculous. Duper finishes the game with 5 catches for 148 yds and 2 TDs. Clayton catches 4 for 95 yds and a score. Nathan rushes for 61 yds and a TD while also catching 8 passes for 114 yds. And the ageless John Stallworth catches 4 passes for 111 yds and 2 TDs in the final postseason game of his Hall of Fame career. A special thanks to Jay Korber for providing this game! 

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From my perspective, I still think this was a remarkable season for the Pittsburgh Steelers even though the season didn't end well. A team that was going through a transition period, losing most of their players to retirement still held their own and somehow made it to the AFC Championship Game. I don't know of any other team, that could have done that in the same set of circumstances.

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