2009 Steelers 13 vs Titans 10 Overtime TNF

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2009 Steelers 13 vs Titans 10 Overtime TNF

A brutally physical game. After a sluggish start and despite facing intense pressure all evening in this Thursday Night season-opener, Big Ben finds his form as the game progresses, using his trademark scrambling ability to buy time and allow his receivers to get open. Roethlisberger finishes with 363 passing yards and completes 16 of 18 throws in the 4th quarter and OT. Features an amazing, leaping INT by Troy Polamalu in the 1st quarter. Unfortunately, Polamalu injures his knee and misses the 2nd half (as well as many games to come). James Harrison comes up big with a forced fumble and Aaron Smith's block of a chip-shot Rob Bironas (RIP) FG attempt near the end of the half proves critical. The Steelers seem to be in perfect position to win in the final minute of regulation when Ben hits Hines Ward for a 30-yd gain to the Titans' 4-yd line, but the veteran fumbles the ball away which costs Pittsburgh a potential winning FG attempt, instead sending the game to OT. Thankfully, the Steelers win the coin toss and Ben does his thing, hitting 5 of 7 including a 22-yd pass to rookie Mike Wallace to the Titan 15 where Tomlin wastes little time in sending in Reed to kick the 33-yd game winner. 
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Awesome game. Such a shame Troy got injured cause he was an animal this game, his tackle at 5:10 is one of my favorites, one of the fastest players ever and Troy just makes him look like a bum. Many thanks for the upload
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After the game, Andrea Kremer interviews Big Ben and Hines Ward.

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