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Hey everybody!

I discovered this Message Board on accident today because someone in another message board I frequent posted a link to one of the Classic Game mp4s from 1984. When I browsed this site, I could not believe the amount of Steeler game broadcasts I saw. It's fantastic!

I had been a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan since my parents moved from Long Island, NY to outside Tampa in 1990 when I was 9. I decided to follow the Bucs since they were the local team even though my family were mostly Giants fans. I never gave up on the Bucs but I will never forget those 90s Steeler teams that I was intrigued by and my liking for Coach Cowher. I could not believe they blew the 1994 AFCCG against the Chargers. I felt a little knot in my stomach when they lost that game. The Steelers were my team to root for since the Bucs didn't make the playoffs the first 7 years I lived in Florida. 1997 was a great year for the Bucs first playoff trip since 1982 and I thought I could see a Bucs/Steelers Super Bowl happen! Of course the Packers and Broncos came out on top. The Bucs took care of the Steelers three seasons of not making the playoffs for me and those were memorable years for me as I was in my Junior and Senior years of High School and my first year in the Air Force and living up the single guy dream. 

As I got older and throughout my Air Force career I've befriend MANY Steelers fans who were diehards and very knowledgeable and passionate about football and not in a bad way like Pats fans and Eagles fans (My South NJ wife, I still love her though). I got to go to my hometown and experience the Steelers trip to Tampa and Super Bowl XLIII. I wish I went to the game!  I had been stationed in New Jersey, Florida, and Mississippi. But it is my current assignment to Dayton, Ohio 4 years ago was when I became a true Steelers fan or really my wife and I had a conversation about it and it went like this about 2 years ago. Mind you I had never visited Pittsburgh until we moved here and I fell in love with the city when I took a visit the first time 3 years ago.

Wife: "Bill (my name), you know you really liked going to Pittsburgh to go see and tour PNC Park and Heinz Field plus you spent forever in the Heinz History Center especially the Sports Museum, you go to Primanti's near the house every month, you go to Giant Eagle in Columbus just to buy Nut Roll and Pierogis that you can't get at Kroger, you watch This Is Us with me religiously (We have 4 kids and I turned her into a diehard football fan so we relate to the show, the story, and the nostalgia around it.), and you have 3 Steelers on your fantasy team. You need to come out and admit that you are a Steelers fan!

Me: Okay I have a liking for the Steelers but I'm really a Bucs fan.

Wife: Bill, BS! You hate their new uniform, I don't hear you talk about them anymore because they suck. The first 2 kids were born after Steelers Super Bowl wins and in fact, we were there (in the area) the last time they won it in Tampa. And also you watch the highlight films to their Super Bowls the most. You tell me how Pittsburgh is a better city than Philly all of the time, and you like Sheetz over my Wawa! And you bought a Steelers winter beanie because (air quotes) "It looks better than a Florida team when shoveling snow!". You like Pittsburgh things more than anything regional! Face it! And Admit it! You love the Steelers!

Me: Okay, okay! I admit I love the Steelers! I love their history! I love the city and its culture! I had a liking for them for a long time but they weren't local to me until now! But you have to admit Sheetz is better than Wawa! 

Wife: Nope, no way Wawa all the way but I agree Pittsburgh is the nicer city!

So now I freely say I am a diehard Steelers fan. In fact my 3rd son became a fan with me (he's in my avatar) and we wave the Terrible Towel every Sunday.

I hope this Message Board prospers and the NFL doesn't slam you for the video clips like they have with Youtubers who have uploaded them along the years.
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Welcome to the Mac & Wife Steelers family, Jerseyfla! Glad to have you onboard as a member and as a Steeler fan.  Thumbsup  

So far, so good staying under the NFL's radar with the vids. I've been careful to ensure absolutely nothing is "monetized" on the site so they don't feel I'm making a buck off their intellectual property. Quite the opposite... it's pretty costly to do this, but it's a labor of love and I enjoy being able to share these games with fans who a) want to relive the games of their youth or b) never got to see many of these games in the first place. It'll break my heart if they ever shut us down. As you said, the Steelers have an amazing legacy and I think fans have a right to experience it. 

Anyway, welcome and enjoy the site! New games are added often (weekly and often daily). Eventually, we'll catch up to the current season but right now, we still have a LONG way to go.

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