1991 Steelers 17 vs Bengals 10

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1991 Steelers 17 vs Bengals 10

Bubby Brister gets the start after refusing to play mop-up the previous week late in the blowout loss vs. Houston and throws 2 TDs as the Steelers overcome 5 turnovers (thanks to 2 INTs by Brister and Tim Worley's ongoing fumble-itis) to squeak out a win against the hapless Bengals. Brister hits TE Adrian Cooper on a short pass that Cooper takes 47 yds for a TD on the Steelers' 3rd snap of the game, then hits TE Keith Cash late in the game for a 19-yd TD to break a 10-10 tie and secure the win. Thanks to Jay Korber for providing us with this game! 

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