1985 Steelers 23 vs Cardinals 10

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1985 Steelers 23 vs Cardinals 10

Malone hits Lipps for a 45-yd TD and Frank Pollard scores on a 14-yd run in a 3-minute span of the 1st quarter as the Steelers jump out to a 14-3 lead and then rely on their defense to finally end their 3-game losing streak. St. Louis narrows the score to 23-10 on a Neil Lomax TD pass early in the 4th quarter and manages to drive deep into Steeler territory twice more in the final minutes, running 8 plays inside the Pittsburgh 10-yd line, but come away with no points thanks to back-breaking sacks by a stingy Steeler defense, who records 6 sacks for 49 yds. A huge thanks to Jay Korber for providing us with this game! 
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I could have sworn that the last couple of plays of the second fourth-quarter goal line stand by the Steelers were cut. I can't be absolutely sure because it was so subtle, but one minute it seemed like the Cards were looking at second down inside the Steeler ten and the next minute the Steelers were running out the clock.
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