Vacations over.... Steelers Report on Wed 25th
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07-25-2018, 11:57 AM


  Vacations over... From tomorrow on out, its nothing but football till February 3rd in Atlanta for the remaining schedule.

 What to expect from our Vets and Rookies? With the loss of Shazier The Steelers won't be able to fill those shoes fast. I mean Shazier was it! He wasn't a Troy
But he made differences at the end of games. Including that overtime win against Cincinnati. Injury's come to mind also > The Steelers were fortunate enough 

 last year to keep all their top offensive players healthy till the end.  I feel if the Steelers don't get there this year, we are spinning our wheels. Times running out >




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07-26-2018, 06:46 AM

I bet they're going to try to treat Edmunds like the Second coming of Polamalu and have the saftey crash the box to make up for LB depth. I also heard they're going to try to have Dupree and Watt switch sides.

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