1985 Steelers 23 vs Broncos 31

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08-21-2018, 09:29 AM

1985 Steelers 23 vs Broncos 31

Elway shakes off a near-disastrous interception and the Broncos score 2 TDs in 21 seconds to escape with a 31-23 victory after a wild, 35-point 4th quarter in which the Steelers come back from a 17-9 deficit to take a 23-17 lead on Mike Merriweather's 35-yd INT return with 5:02 to play. But Elway is Elway and Elway and connects on consecutive passes of 19, 6 and 27 yds on a 58-yd scoring drive capped by Sewell's 2-yd run to take a 24-23 lead with 1:45 to play. The Steelers have one last gasp, but David Woodley -- who is intercepted 4 times and sacked 5 times -- adds an insurance score for Denver with a bad INT that Mike Harden returns 42 yds for a TD just 21 seconds after Sewell's score. A special thanks to Jay Korber for providing us with this game! 
Garrett Garlits
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At halftime, scores and highlights from NFL '85, plus Bob Costas interviews Raiders defensive end Lyle Alzado.

Also. there are several plays missing coming out of commercial breaks in the first half. No scoring is missed, but we do lose an entire Steeler possession in the second quarter.

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This was my first year as a Steeler fan and I still believe with decent QB play, this team would have been a serious contender. Solid D except for the SD game, great WRs and a decent running game. Always liked Pollard. Woodley/Campbell cost us at least 2 wins. Even with simply a healthy Malone, I believe we make it to 9-7 and win the division.

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