1985 Steelers 44 at Chargers 54 SNF

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1985 Steelers 44 at Chargers 54 SNF

Defense? What defense? Despite falling behind early, the Steelers are able to overcome a 34-17 first half deficit to grab a brief a 44-41 lead in the 4th quarter. And even when the Chargers score to go up 47-44 late in the game, there seems to be plenty of drama remaining with 2:25 on the clock for David Woodley to work with against the porous San Diego defense. But in the final two minutes, the Chargers intercept two Woodley passes, including a 47-yd pick-6 to ice the highest scoring game in Steelers history. A special thanks to Jay Korber for providing us with this game! 
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It does include ABC Halftime Highlights with Jim Lampley

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