I watched the game
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10-03-2018, 10:42 AM

It was my first since the Chicago game last year.  I did so for a couple of reasons.  I received one report that no one took a knee or maybe used any other form of protest prior to the KC game.  The other was I missed the NFL game, although SEC football is pretty darn good, and hoped a battle with Baltimore would have been entertaining.

I don't know if any player protested in this game but it was far from entertaining.  Quite unlike many of the prior games with Baltimore.  If this game, and maybe those that came before it this year, is what Steeler football has become I wasn't missing much.  

I spent the better part of the day helping my son with his business.  The game did not interfere with what really matters in my life so I felt a bit better about giving the NFL another shot.  I doubt I'll give it another for quite some time.

I'm penning this note after reading about the ongoing slippage in attendance as well as eyeballs on the tube.  In the past it was almost heresy to tune the team out.  Now I guess that has become more normal.  I hope, for the sake of the fans in the city, the Pens continue to perform.  

We plan to travel to the Burgh twice this year for family events.  That will offer a chance to get a first hand, ie not via the phone, media or PC, measure of the temperature of the city re the team.  From what I've garnered from here at the beach I don't expect many smiles from family and friends when the topic of the team hits the table.  If I'm right only the Pens can make winter in Pittsbugh a winner.
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10-03-2018, 02:57 PM

The Steelers stated before the season that no one would be taking a knee.

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