1987 Steelers 28 at Falcons 12

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1987 Steelers 28 at Falcons 12

Strike game! Steve Bono leads the Steelers at QB, Joey Clinkscales (???) shines at WR (6 catches, 150 yds, 1 TD) and Earnest Jackson (the only other "regular" to cross the picket line with Mike Webster) carries 29 times for 104 yds and a TD. Defensively, Larry Griffin performs well enough at DB to earn a roster spot that he will keep for 7 years, intercepting a pass in the end zone to thwart an Atlanta scoring opportunity and setting up a Steeler TD with a 2nd INT at midfield. Not NFL-calliber football, but not bad for a group who only had 10 days to prepare. 
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At halftime, scores and highlights from NFL Live, plus comments from Frank Deford and an interview with Browns owner Art Modell.

After the game, an edition of WPXI's Fifth Quarter, with scores, a few highlights, and locker room interviews. Among those interviewed are Mike Webster and Earnest Jackson, the two most prominent Steelers who crossed the picket line.

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