Rocky Bleier > Blasts Steelers
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12-11-2018, 09:38 AM

He tells it like it is >

   Video Link >

   You need to find a way to win these games, not lose them. It’s not about a referee, or an injury or a bad call, it’s simply about overcoming those obstacles. 

   If you don’t, then fingers need to be pointed,” and Bleier was not afraid to point.

     He says it may be time to cut Chris Boswell, fire defensive coordinator Keith Butler and Coach Tomlin!

   “With three games remaining the Steelers destiny lies in their hands but it is shaky with the Patriots, Saints and Bengals on the horizon. How they fare will dictate

   the team's future and it may be without Tomlin.”
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12-11-2018, 10:27 AM

I've already said my piece on Tomlin and Butler in other threads. To sum it up, Butler should and possibly will go, Tomlin won't whether he should or not, so it's useless to talk about.

As for Boswell, cut him if you want, but bear in mind that any kicker you find to replace him at this time of year is eminently capable of missing just as many kicks as he does. It would be better to have a competition in training camp next year. As for the rest of this year, go for it on fourth down if it's less than five yards and always try for two after a touchdown unless you're tied or down a point and want to force overtime. At least if you do those things there will be fewer chances for him to screw up.

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