Working my way through the '78 season

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01-01-2019, 05:56 AM

I've been slowly working my way through re-watching the entire '78 season recently to ease the pain of the squandered 2018 season. I was kind of bouncing around my favorite games, but now I've started at the beginning and I'm working my way through in chronological order (something I've never done before). 

Holy moly, that team was flippin' good. I know the defense in '76 was great, but the '78 team has it goin' on in EVERY single phase. Offense, defense, special teams (other than Gerela, who is pretty erratic). 

Football in general was so much better then. What a joy to watch great DEFENSE instead of the fantasy football-influenced stat-happy video game nonsense of today. 

So far, I'm up to the Jets game. Pure joy. Bradshaw. Swann. And my goodness, Lambert has been in flat-out BEAST mode the entire season. So damn good.
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01-01-2019, 06:05 AM

tonight Susie and I are going to watch the vikes and steelers superbowl! Defense crushed the vikes!
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01-01-2019, 07:00 AM

I do agree, I think the '78 season is one of my favorites.

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