1996 AFC Playoffs Steelers 3 at Patriots 28

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1996 AFC Playoffs Steelers 3 at Patriots 28

The infamous fog bowl. Not the Chicago one... the "other one" in which the Steelers are manhandled from start to finish by Curtis Martin. After a Steeler 3 and out, Bledsoe hits Terry Glenn for 53 yds on New England's first offensive snap and Martin scores from 2 yds out a play later. After another Pittsburgh 3 and out, the Patriots need only 4 plays to score again on a 34-yd TD pass to Keith Byars. The teams trade punts, then with 10 minutes left in the 2nd quarter, Curtis Martin bursts up the middle for a back-breaking 78-yd TD and a 21-0 lead. The Steelers replace Tomczak at QB with Kordell Stewart in an effort to jump-start the offense; Stewart goes 0-10. A miserable game in miserable weather with a miserable outcome. 
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Absolute trash.

Tom Donahoe should have been shit-canned after this game for his "Curtis Martin will not be drafted, he should stay at PITT" BS he stated during the 1994 college football season.

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